Here is a shortlist of features currently provided by QOpenAip2Kml :

  • Convert AIP airspaces files from openaip.net to a valid KML file
  • Represent airspaces with differents colors (basic support right now… colors are currently hard coded and cannot be changed by the user without recompiling the software)

I plan to add some functionalities to extend this basic support (no roadmap ! This is a hobby, not a constraint)

  • Some controls on airspaces (change color, line thickness, transparency)
  • Airpsaces filtering (filter by airspace type, filter by coordinates…)
  • Abilitie to read and write airports and navaids on KML file (no plans to support hotspots files…)
  • Ability to merge OpenAIP files (for exemple merge all europeeans OpenAIP files in order to have all europeans airspaces in one KML file)
  • Ability to represents airspaces in 3D for use in Google Earth (no really trivial due to the way Google Earth is managing volumes and altitudes informations).